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• Printer/Scanner On-Site Maintenance Plans
• Consulting
• System Requirements Definition Report
• No Cost Consumable Review
• In-House Inventory Management
• Pre-Printed Labels
• Label Printing Service
• Standard Blank Labels
• Special Material Types and Adhesives
By reviewing your process, we can help you catch up to new, better and lower cost solutions. Some customers use packing slips on the outside of the box. This often requires a laser printer to print the pack list … get stuffed…and hand applied….as well as having a separate printer printing the shipping label. Possible solution: you could use a special packing list label (that can be auto-applied) using a thermal printer. This label can be removed at its destination. 

Maybe your production process involves painting or staining during manufacturing…DCD can provide a label with a paint mask….after the item has been processed the mask is removed and the product label is pristine again. 


• Looking For Demo – Refurbished – Used Hardware To Match An On-Going Project?
• Software Training For Label Production
• Operator Training

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